Muunsan, as it stands today, was conceived during the lockdown of Covid-19 with a passionate desire to discover and transpire creative inspiration from the mundane.

I have been in the fashion industry for years having worked as a project manager/technical designer for a handbag company in New York. It was during one such project that I met Sun while running production in Asia. Sun and I as gardening enthusiasts and renovation connoisseurs have always been captivated by Nature in a fruitful pursuit to recreate its beauty in our aesthetic endeavors. So, together we started this brand of sustainable home decor and lifestyle products. Coming up with a name wasn’t that hard. Combining our Thai nicknames, Soam means Moon in Thai as for Sun her Thai nickname, twist the wording a bit, became muunsan today.

But wait... there's more! One day, I told my massage therapist about this project. As rare luck would have it, she was a part of the OTOP or “One Tambon (sub-district) One Product” crafters who quit her craft because of the dismal wages. The bold step for us was to work with her and her fellow crafters to meaningfully improve upon their present living conditions and preserve their craft. The fair wages at muunsan came as a warm retreat in their economic struggle for sustenance. From then on muunsan, naturally became a movement of women empowerment, equality, and diversity. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of positivity and optimism in an elegant loop of giving and receiving much like our products which are “hand-looped” with the utmost care and genuine affection.

Our products are made ethically with an eco-friendly paracord that gives the delightful blend of modernity and tradition. At muunsan, we tread lightly on the planet which is why every product is crafted by the finest artisans sustainably and efficiently avoiding wastage. During our time in the fashion industry, we witnessed an aware lot of wastage hence muunsan is different. We bring you the joy and splendor of aesthetics efficiently and affordably. Sun and I both believe that home is where you can indulge in the personal comforts of self-exploration, which is why we are constantly experimenting with new designs to augment your unique experience.

Discover something new today with products that speak to you.




作为园艺爱好者和装修鉴赏家, 我和我的伴侣一直被大自然迷住了在追求重新创造它的美丽 在我们的审美努力。因此,我们共同启动了这一品牌的可持续家居装饰和生活方式产品。想出一个名字并不难。结合我们的泰国昵称,Soam在泰语中的意思是月亮,至于太阳,她的泰国昵称,稍微扭曲一下措辞,成为MuunSan。




Thank You for supporting this humble project of us.

Soam and Sun.